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Long Term Care Planning

At Insurance Planning Consultants, our representatives carry the CLTC designation - Certified Long Term Care Planners. This planning process plays a critical role in protecting and benefiting the family members of an individual that begins to become frail as he or she ages. There are serious emotional, physical and mental consequences that involve the entire family when a loved one needs care. These effects can be devastating to the caregivers and their ability to maintain an independent lifestyle and take care of their own health and happiness. In addition, the need for this type of care could be debilitating to the retirement portfolio and life savings that has been developed over a lifetime.

We will work with you on developing a plan that provides care options that are not otherwise available to caregivers. These plans will provide you with generally tax free benefits, and may also be fully tax deductible in limited circumstances. The planned benefit amount can increase over time to fight inflation, be paid to the insured for life with no maximums, and made available on the first day of home care with no waiting period. We design products offered by the finest carrier in the industry to meed your specific needs.