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Disability Income Protection

Your ability to earn an income during your working years is arguable your most valuable asset. Your income feeds all of your other assets and investments, and without it, your financial plan would literally come to an end. Securing the proper Disability Income Protection will allow you to protect your family's well-being and preserve the lifestyle that you are accustomed to. We can work with you to develop a plan that insures your ability to perform the material and substantial duties of your specific occupation. This coverage will give you and your family confidence, knowing that you are protecting your single most important income producing machine - you.

Benefits received from these policies are generally free from federal and state income taxes, and payments you make are guaranteed to never increase. The plan can be designed so that the protection can be increased as your income increases and so that if benefits are received, they can increase to help keep pace with inflation. We could also work with you on assuring that your pension/401k contributions would continue to be met in the case of your disability due to accident or sickness.

Types of policies offered include:

  • Personal Income Protection
  • Buy-Sell Program Funding
  • Business Overhead Expense Protection
  • Retirement Protection Plus**
  • Key Man Income Protection
  • Mortgage or Other Asset Protection


**Retirement Protection Plus is not a pension plan or a substitute for one.